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Events & Classes

Events & Classes

 Client Appreciation Day

Saturday March 9, 2019
9 am to 1 pm
63 N 300 E Provo, UT

Choose from Free Holistic Classes (most are less than half an hour)
Healthy Treats, Discount Coupons, Door Prizes
Also Meet and Greet other Healing Center Tenants

9:00 am class…..Gem Therapy (<1/2 hr) by Hayley Black
9:00 am class…..5 Essentials of Good Nutrition (<1/2 hr) by Cindy Black

9:30 am class……The Art of Living Happy (first half) by Sunita Yalamarty
9:30 am class……What is Electro-Dermal Bio Scanning (<1/2 hr) by Fred Stewart

10:00 am class….The Art of Living Happy (second half)
10:00 am class….How Homeopathics are Made and How Do They Work (<1/2 hr) by Fred Stewart

10:30 am class….The Art of Living Happy (first half) by Sunita Yalamarty
10:30 am class….Thermometry Testing & Early Diagnosis (<1/2 hr) by Cindy Black

11:00 am class…..The Art of Living Happy (second half)
11:00 am class…..Finding Health Priorities & Achieving Emotional Balance (<1/2 hr) Cindy Black

11:30 am class…..Why are Essential Oils Essential (<1/2 hr) by Janet Hughes
11:30 am class….Body Voltage! How to Keep Yours High (<1/2 hr) by Kherna Shipp

12:00 pm class….Getting Rid of Arterial Plaque is Easy (first half) by Dr. Ed Fila
12:00 pm class….The Many Gifts of Nano Silver (<1/2 hr) by Janet Hughes

12:30 pm class….Getting Rid of Arterial Plaque is Easy (second half)
12:30 pm class….How to Get Your Body Out of Crisis Mode (<1/2 hr) by Kherna Shipp

Meet and Greet Other Healing Center Tenants
9:00 am to 1 pm……Scott Parker, LCSW of Someone to Talk to (Psychotherapy)
11:00 am to 1 pm…..May Popham, MT of Downtown Massage
11:00 am to 1 pm…..Ginger Trask, CBCP of Natural Health Academy, LLC (Body Code/Infertility)

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Foot Care Clinic

The first Wednesday of each month

ONLY $25