Bio-Immune Balancing
High Technology meets Ancient Medicine

Bio-Immune Balancing consists of measuring energetic readings from your body and assessing what will help you heal.


What is Bio-Immune Balancing/Bio-Scanning?

Bio-Immune Balancing uses a computer and transmitter to make a complete circuit with your body at the acupuncture points to allow readings.  Then frequencies (50,000 to choose from) can be output to the body and balancing frequencies.  Supplements and homeopathic remedies are then used to assist the body in creating balance.

How does it work?

We use galvanic skin resistance to measure the energetic readings of your body’s conductivity to assess meridian stress levels.  Fascia is the fiber optic network in the body that transmits the electrons we measure and is the wiring of the acupuncture meridians.

Why do you do it?

Our goal is to “listen” to your body’s needs to balance your energy meridians putting you in an optimal healing state.

How long is a New Client Visit?

The initial 60 point Bio-Scan Testing and Nutritional Counseling takes about 1.25 hours. Testing beyond this scope is $2.00 her minute. You may need to schedule more time for your first visit if you desire additional testing.

What does the 1st visit accomplish?

Measures 60 points within the body (systems and organs) to assess which areas need assistance. Then tests what the body needs for optimal nutrition to bring unbalanced systems/organs to balance. Nutritional counseling is provided to set the foundation for healing.

Why is nutritional balancing/cousenling usually done first?

To build up the body preparatory to future detoxing.

What should someone expect on a first visit?

The new client exam is performed by testing 60+ acu-points on both your hands and feet using a stylus to communicate the electrical signals. (Non-invasive, no needles). Each point is then recorded and analyzed through the computer. (Results are printed out with numbers and bar graphs showing a stressed, balanced or weakened state of each point tested)

After the exam you will be given the report along with recommendations for balancing the imbalanced areas.

How should I prepare for my first visit?

  1. Be sure to come to your visit well-hydrated (drink ½ your body weight in ounces starting 72 hours prior to your visit.) The testing works better when you are hydrated.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes, and be prepared to sit and relax for the duration of the visit.
  3. Bring any supplements you are currently taking (to make sure they are working well with your body.)
  4. For most accurate results, it is recommended that you take prescription medications after the testing (rather than before), if consistent with your doctor’s direction.
  5. Please feel free to ask questions and be open about your specific reasons for coming in.
  6.  Come to your first visit 10 or 15 minutes early to fill out intake paperwork.

How long are follow up visits?

Follow up visits vary in time length.

The first Bio-Scan follow up is usually about an hour. We perform a comparison of the galvanic skin readings to the first visit to assess efficacy of nutritional program and to assess need for more, in-depth intervention.

This follow-up visit will show the improvements your body has made in the past month, as well as provide a re-assessment to gain optimal healing.  Maintenance amounts of supplements are considered verses original loading recommendations.

This visit focuses on balancing your body’s energy meridians (over multiple categories or wherever you need it most.)  This raises low readings or calms high readings.

What types of healing modalities are used?

Whether balancing one point, one meridian, several meridians, or all the meridians, frequencies are presented to the body and the results direct the use of Homeopathics, Nutraceuticals, Herbs, and other supplements or vitamins which are found to bring the body to it’s best state for healing. And/or other modalities may be found helpful. We consider our assessment to be utilized as a hub–directing the client to the optimal combination of other modalities, including but not limited to: nutritional counseling, homeopathics, emvitas, flower remedies, EFT, essential lifestyle adjustments, polarity load, lymphatic burden, Electron deficiencies and ionic exchange performance, Chiropractic and other Structural interventions such as massage, traditional medical avenues and tests, dental detoxification, essential oil selection and utilization of treatments, available emotional healing options, and addiction relief protocols.