Updated Covid-19 Protocols as of 4-30-20

We wish to continue to help clients maintain
healthy immune systems and to be a

beacon of hope to those with health concerns

Please call to make an appointment as usual
 Open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5

Current Clients:

In-Person Appointments are done in the office. Clients are asked to wear a mask if symptomatic or if appointment is with Kherna Shipp.

Anyone who prefers, may have an appointment by telephone with a double bagged saliva sample.
At your appt time we collect a saliva sample at your car or that you have sent overnight in the US mail.
When your phone consultation appt is complete, we obtain your credit card number. We will mail any supplements or deliver them to your car or leave them outside for you to pick up. Your choice.

New Clients:

You will be asked to fill out our intake paperwork before your appointment.
Print and fill out your paperwork from on-line:  Utahlifeclinic.com
(Informed Consent, Payment Info, Daily Habits, Health Survey)
Mail paperwork to 63 N 300 E Provo, UT 84606
OR email paperwork to lifeclinicutah@gmail.com
OR deliver paperwork at the time of the appointment

Alternatively, arrive early and fill out forms we give you

Now follow the same protocol as current clients above.

Retail supplement shopping:

Shop from your home or your car
. Call us with your order 801-342-9292.
We will mail, deliver to your car or leave your order outside for you to pick up.
Come into the clinic to shop. Those who are symptomatic are asked to wear a mask.


Only those who are symptomatic are asked to wear a mask during you scheduled modality.
Sauna, BCX, hyperbaric, foot baths, Sota machine, Elan light, etc are available. Please call to schedule. 801-342-9292

Kangen Water:

Please go directly in and out of the building using the front downstairs door. Help yourself to the water. If you wish to donate, a donations jar is in the kitchenette.

We Desire to provide a Healthy Clinic
Environment for Everyone


Those who come to the clinic will notice that we have posted signs on our doors advising that those with active symptoms of colds or flu need to wear a mask inside. The importance of masks is to prevent infectious droplets from being spread by someone with symptoms into our common air supply.


An ozone machine runs at the end of each work day to clean the air and all surfaces that the ozone touches. Ozone burns bacteria.

Office Sanitizing:

In addition to our regular bathroom cleaning, we wipe down door knobs, handrails, chair arms, client pens and other surfaces.

Office Personnel Measures:

Office personnel have been advised to use common sense measures to prevent the possible transmission of disease microorganisms.
Regular hand washing
Limited personal contact with clients and their belongings
Avoidance of touching their own faces

Life Clinic staff wish our clients peace and health.

Life Clinic
63 N 300 E
Provo, UT 84606