Corona Virus

By Dr. Andreas Marx

Coronavirus is a serious viral infection and medical science worldwide has no immediate answer for it. As much as the media spreads the fear, we have to remind ourselves that panic and fear are the worst advisors.
I have witnessed over my forty years working in the medical field that in any decade, about two to three major worldwide microbial and viral alerts take place. As always, the immune system is the key component. We learned from Tuberculosis and Ebola, which mostly flare up during war time and starvation periods that microbes and viruses need a favorable terrain to flourish. There are three major factors involved in indicating a healthy terrain. I refer specifically to pH, oxidation, and mineral concentration in blood, urine and saliva. They are also a reflection of our overall health and lifestyle.
In spite of the pharmaceutical industry pushing vaccines during these times of outbreak, no truly effective medicine is available, and a strong immune system is always the best shield.
What is our best defense against Coronavirus?
I suggest we remain levelheaded…and be reminded of the following:
As in the past cases of Bird Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, Ebola, etc., there is also no specific cure for Coronavirus currently available. A strong immune system and clean internal/external environment are both key to the prevention of any disease. Let’s not forget that 80% of our immune cells are built in the intestinal tract. Proper nutrition is a must! Being German, you may think it’s funny to hear me talking about sauerkraut, but eating a coffee cup-sized serving of sauerkraut daily will keep your intestinal terrain in balance and build a strong immune system. If sourness is an issue, rinse the sauerkraut off once with water. Patients should regularly consume fresh fruits, vegetables, and low sugar foods, as well as exercise regularly, reduce daily stress, and get sufficient rest. Avoid immune system destroyers such as deep-fried foods, foods high in saturated fats, white sugar, and white flour products.