“I started coming to the Life Clinic about a year and a half ago. I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, and suffering from an under active thyroid. I found the ladies at the clinic to be very knowledgeable, and I loved the time that they take with me. They never seem rushed or distracted when they are working with me. I love coming down to the Life Clinic (I live in North Salt Lake), even though it is quite a drive.”

– Lori Stagg

“When I brought my six month old baby into the Life Clinic his body was covered with a terrible rash, and his ears hurt constantly. Cindy Black helped him to quickly overcome his rash. He is now free from earaches and constant allergies. Life Clinic is my first choice for health care.”

– M. Lytle

“I felt an immediate improvement with my supplements. My body responded quickly and gratefully. My symptoms dissipated faster than I hoped and my overall health was better too. I noticed when I initially slaked off, I felt worse again.

The staff are wonderful and I know they are genuinely concerned with mine and my families health. We love Life Clinic!”

– Sarah Artaza

“Life Clinic told me what was wrong with my health when no other medical doctor could.  You do not have to guess–you get the truth immediately.  I have two kids in the medical field–my son is a doctor and I recommend Life Clinic to him!

My daughter now goes to Life Clinic and loves it.  I recommend Life Clinic to everyone!

– Tammy Strange

“I have a panic disorder that I have been dealing with for 14 years. I have tried many chemical medicines, but could not find a cure for the panic I was having. Life Clinic has helped me so much. They found that my body had stopped producing GABA. My nerve endings were so damaged I was running on pure adrenaline and burned out my thyroid. GABA has helped me tremendously.  Thanks Life Clinic.”

– Aaron Sidman

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