Life Clinic carries a variety of dietary supplements and clinician-strength homeopathic products including (but not limited to):


Some of our products are available for you to order online through our Patient Ordering Programs

  • 4Life
  • 7.2
  • ASAP Silver – Liquid and Gel
  • Biotics
  • Blendfresh
  • Crio Bru
  • Deseret Biologicals
  • Equilib
  • Essentail Oils from Windrose & Natural Apothecary
  • Juice Plus+
  • Jusuru Liquid BioCell
  • Metagenics
  • Mother Earth Labs
  • Nature’s Sunshine
  • Neo 40
  • Nordic Naturals
  • Norwex
  • Q96
  • Standard Process
  • SweetLeaf Stevia
  • WaterOz
  • Xymogen

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